July 30, 2015

    Chase has been herding since the fall of 2010 – shortly before he turned 3 years old.  Susan Long started him and piloted him to his HT, PT, HSAs, HIAs and his HXAs, which he completed at the 2012 CWCCA National Specialty in Sandusky, Ohio.

    Chase came home to New Mexico and Ellen Gerwin took on his training and trialing when I decided he should try for his Herding Championship (HC).  Earning an HC would give him the Dual Champion (DC) title.  Fewer than 10 Cardigans have a DC so it would be a great honor.  Ellen helped Chase earn his HSAd title.

    This blog block chronicles their HC effort:

    Chase earned his first Championship points at the All-Corgi trials in Southern California in mid-April, 2014 with a major win from an Advanced class (required for a Championship), and a placement.  That gave him 5 points and a BIG requirement out of the way.  At the same trials a year later, Chase earned another Advanced win for his required win over competition, and he added 3 more points.  He is now at 8 points – just 7 more to go.  This is where you may check his progress!


  2. Practical Words of Wisdom

    September 3, 2015

    Margaret and Helen are at it again — read the entire post here.  However, for me this one sentence encapsulates everything I believe.

    I’d rather live my life believing there is a God and finding out there isn’t, than believing there is no God only to find out there is.

    So, Margaret and Helen’s pithy thoughts aside, this is a month of great change for me.  I am moving my office to my home this weekend.  It will be nice to be there with the dogs and the weeds (well, maybe not the weeds).  I hope to consolidate my legal work into a couple of very organized days, get back to writing, and do some dog training in daylight.  I think I am finally old enough to get my act together.

    I will miss my away-from-home office and the people with whom I share space, but it is really time for a change.

    I am planning two litters this fall/winter.  One will be Copper HT CD to that handsome black dog GCh Dragonpatch Thunderstruck.  We will have blacks, reds, and brindles.  Both parents are clear for DM, pink, and PRA, have normal CERF/CAER tests and very good hips.  Although da boy carries fluff, Copper does not.  Here is the pedigree.  And the other breeding will be a Chase litter — the mom, a new brindle girl to which I will introduce you soon.  Again both Chase and “Madame X” are fully health tested.  I LOVE puppies!

  3. Gearing Up For A Herding Trial

    July 12, 2015

    Today we went to Dr. Barb’s to further polish our herding dogs.  It is so green that it hurts my eyes!  Chase is working well.  He has reached the point at which he understands silence and the bubble and pressure.  His daughter Addie will be trying her paw at Pre-Trial Tested in Colorado next month.  I was very proud of her work — she loves herding.  Ellen has both of these dogs aiming to peak at the right time.  So, photos:


    Chase Driving in the Big Field 7-12-15Chase Driving in the Big Field

    Ellen in the Middle 7-12-15Respect your Handler

    Turning the stock 7-12-15Turning the Stock


    Addie pushing goats 7-12-15Pushing those goats

    Addie turning goats 7-12-15Turn right

    Straighten them out 7-12-15Get them going straight again

  4. Just Because I Feel Like It

    July 6, 2015

    Here is a photo of my father on one of his polo ponies — in the mid to late forties.  I wish he had lived long enough for me to know him as an adult.

    Daddy on polo pony

  5. Tuli Made It Through

    July 2, 2015

    Puppy kindergarten ended with Tuli being promoted to first grade (Beginning Novice).  Many thanks to Maggie Gee who gave our puppies lots to think about.  Pam Day and Lacey and Josh Carrillo with Rev were also in the class, but were not in this photo.

    Kindergarten Graduation