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  1. Baybeez! Daisy/Chase Baybeez

    December 18, 2014

    Daisy began whelping puppies at 12:45 yesterday afternoon.  Three boys were born in the first 25 minutes.  Daisy is the most laid back mama dog EVER.  She just plopped the puppies out and began caring for them.  There were two brindle boys and a hefty red boy.  Then we went into what is often called a whelping pause.  Daisy was in no distress — just continued to take care of her three children.  After five hours, she delivered a puppy that had clearly been dead for some time and was beginning to decompose.  Almost immediately she delivered another boy — HEY DAISY, I SAID I WANTED GIRLS!  He was alive and well.  Then she delivered another boy who was out of the sac and dead.  Then a girl — a pretty brindle.  Another girl followed, she is a half-mask mismark, but full of spunk.  Another girl was dead on arrival.  Because of the puppy count on the xray, we thought Daisy was done, so I administered an oxytocin shot.  That resulted in delivery of a tenth puppy.  It was a boy and, sadly, he was dead and could not be revived.

    So — we have four boys and two girls.  One of the boys is a piebald (has white splashes on his body) — his baby name is “Picasso.”  The second boy is red (and very hefty).  His name is “Quinn.”  The third boy is a handsome brindle named “Rory.”  The fourth also a handsome brindle is “Sabin”.  The brindle girl is “Terra,” and the mismark girl is “Ultra.” 

    The puppycam would be up except that something in my security settings is preventing me from running Java.  I will figure that out today.  So beginning tomorrow, you will be able to watch the baybeez and Daisy.  If you would like access to the puppy cam, please use the contact at the top of the page, email me, or private message me on FaceBook.  Please, if you use the puppycam, log out after a few minutes of watching — DO NOT minimize and leave it running.  The cam uses a lot of bandwidth and I hope to avoid an argument with Comcast over my bandwidth use.

    The theme for this litter is the Carpenters’ song “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

  2. Daisy — She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    December 13, 2014

    Our Daisy/Chase puppies are due Wednesday (Dec. 17th).  Today was xray day.  I have strengthened the contrast on this tummy xray so you can count along with us.  The pedigree is here.  Once the puppies are born, I will turn on the puppy cam.  If you wish to stalk my puppies, let me know and I will share the username and password.  PLEASE do not minimize the puppy cam (leaving it running).  It uses a tremendous amount of band width — so please watch for only a few minutes and then log out.  If you see the babies or Daisy doing something that concerns you, please phone or text me so I can run home to take care of the issue.  . . . one puppy . . . two puppies . . . three puppies . . .

    12765-Frame1 Puppies - up contrast

  3. Flutter – Best of Breed at Alaska Herding Group

    November 17, 2014

    On November 7th, it was another major for our Flutter (“Bluefox Elyan Mariposa”).  Jessica showed her from the classes to Best of Breed over two Champions to earn her second Major.  Two days later she picked up two more points so is now at 12 with both her Majors.  The next shows are in January so the little FlutterBye is hanging out with Jessica and Brian Viera (and, I hear, looking for mud).

     BOB Photo 11-7-14 Cropped blog

  4. Four Show Days with CWCCA Supported Entries

    October 23, 2014

    We survived rain on Thursday and wind on Sunday.  The majors held all four days (4-pointers for bitches on Thursday/Friday and 5 pointers for bitches  on Saturday/Sunday).  We had three days of Obedience/Rally, a pizza/salad lunch and educational program on the current Cardigan health survey.  Our dogs did well.

    Copper and Kevin Dooley earned a Companion Dog title with qualifying scores three days in a row.  Copper was also high scoring Cardigan all three days.  Don’t they look happy in this photo?  Copper is a Chase daughter.  Her litter sister Addie won the 5-point major on Saturday.

    CD Award 10-12-14 med res

    Salsa had a good cluster as well.  On Saturday she was Best in Sweepstakes under Judge Jeri Lamy.  This is only her second time shown — first time was in April at the National Specialty.  She was beautifully handled by our friend Kim Raleigh.

    Salsa Sweeps - 10-11-14 blog

     On Sunday, under Judge Carol Moser-White, Salsa was Reserve Winners Bitch to the 5-point major.  I was very proud of my happy little Chase Granddaughter.

    Salsa - RWB - 10-12-14 blog

    Finally, Chase made an appearance — his last before he turned 7 on October 17th.  On Thursday he was Best of Breed, on Friday, he was Best of Opposite Sex, on Saturday, he was Select Dog, and on Sunday he was Best of Opposite Sex.  He loves to get out and show!  Yes, it was a bit windy!

    B0B-BOS-SD-BOS-10-9-12-2014 blog 

  5. My Best Boy’s Birthday

    October 17, 2014

    Happy barkday to the Chaseman. In the blink of an eye he has become a Veteran — though he has no idea. Thank you Carolyn and Tom Cannon who allowed me to bring him home on January 6th 2008. We’ve had such great adventures — and are planning more.

    GCH/Can CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness CD RN HSAds HIAs HXAs OAP OJP VCX ROMs TTChase - Brush Behind 9-22-12 blog

    Best wishes to the rest of the “Freedom litter.”  I always think of them by their litter names:  Ace, Bogey, Clem, Eagle, Feather, Golda, Heather, Ikey (that was Chase), and Jiggers.  Three are Champions, four have produced Champions.  All have made life better for their people.  What a grand group of babies.  Their Mom, Ch Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs ROMs is a full time RV dog, traveling with Carolyn and Tom.

    Chase’s youngest children are in Capetown, South Africa with Johann Theron (of the magic camera).  The red boy, Tamino, and girl, Jilly, will be 7-weeks old on Sunday.  I borrowed one of Johann’s great photos so you might see the babies singing happy birthday to dad (or playing bitey face).

    Tamino-Jilly 7 wks blog

    Chase is spending his birthday contributing to the making of more little red puppies.  He and Daisy should welcome a litter on December 16th.