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  1. It Was Fun

    February 11, 2014 by myeye

    Yesterday I received the photos from the SWAT Agility Trial in late January.  Evelyn Vinogradov (ByVineDesign) is the genius behind the lens.  If anyone had any doubt about how much fun Chase has when he’s running, this will put your mind at ease.  Look at that grin.

    Over from behind Crazy Agility Eyes hi-res

    Downhill from here

    Fly like an eagle

    Go Dee and Chase

    Head first jump

    How fast is fast

    On the Boardwalk

    Over from behind

    Chase has trials coming up in March, and two in April.  Whoo hoo!  This is fun!

  2. Awww! Chase’s Silver Certificate Arrived

    February 4, 2014 by myeye

    I’m so proud of Chase and all of his children.

    ROMs Certificate blog

    Thanks, Tom and Carolyn for letting Chase come live at my house.

  3. Flutter-Puppy Goes Herding With Grampa

    February 2, 2014 by myeye

    Today Chase, Flutter and I went out to Edgewood to herd. (Salsa was at a sleepover with Kevin, Tricia, and Copper so didn’t make the trek).  There was a pack of puppies that came out today so Flutter had instant friends.  On our last round of ducks for Chase, Ellen suggested turning Flutter loose in the arena.  I did and she trotted along with Ellen and then with her Grampa.  At the very end, she began working the ducks on her own.  The video camera is showing its age — that may be the next electronics purchase so forgive some bobbles.  Enjoy the baby learning about herding.


  4. Agility Weekend

    January 28, 2014 by admin

    No Qs for Chase this first weekend in Excellent, but Evelyn Vinogradov took photos of our very enthusiastic boy.  Here is a teaser.

    Closeup - Crazy Agility Eyes lo-resIt’s in the Crazy Agility Eyes, and the tongue.  Gotta hold your mouth right to run!

  5. Sunny Saturday in the Yard

    January 25, 2014 by myeye

    Today at the Agility Trial, we ran small to tall so Chase and I were free to leave before noon.  A romp in the back yard seemed the best way to relax after the stress of running a really wicked Excellent Standard course.  So here are Chase and his girls enjoying the sun.

    Chase and garndpuppies 1-25-14They love to be in Grampa’s face.  You can see Salsa’s brindling coming in with her grown-up coat.

    Salsa 1-25-14Pretty Salsa face

    Flutter and Salsa 1-25-14The girls together.  Flutter has a stick.

    Flutter - let the game begin 1-25-13Flutter – Let The Games Begin!

    Flutter on the loose 1-25-14Flutter attacks