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  1. Counting Down to January 3rd

    November 5, 2015 by myeye

    Yesterday Copper was bred.  We look forward to puppies born on January 3rd.  It was a stressful event only because the first shipment of swimmers (on Tuesday) lacked any live swimmers.  That does not work.  So, Tuesday with the exemplary assistance of Cracker’s owner and the ICSB-Atlanta team, an overnight shipment of pupsicles came to FedEx Albuquerque.  Copper submitted to yet another progesterone test.  Her numbers were still good for a breeding so we did a TCI (Transcervical Insemination).  She was very put out — no roses, no soft music, no nice dinner in a good restaurant.  I cannot imagine how offended she will be when she has a bunch of little babies demanding food, cleaning and playing.

    Copper’s mom Dory was a wonderful brood bitch and I am so very hopeful that Copper mirrors her.

    So now we wait.  Somewhere between the 19th and 21st of November we will check Copper’s gums for a change from dark pink to pale pink.  That will tell us that embryos are implanting.  About December 6th, we should be able to see body changes that tell us Copper is carrying a litter.  I am so hopeful!  I invite you all to be hopeful along with us.  Here is the pedigree for the litter.  We should have tri-colors, reds, and brindles.

  2. The Names Game

    October 26, 2015 by myeye

    The Copper/Cracker litter theme is photographic equipment.  Kevin and Tricia (who co-own Copper) own Kevin’s Photography in Albuquerque — hence the theme.  Of course we welcome ideas.  I think there are a great number of terrific possibilities!

  3. Start 2016 With Puppies!

    October 23, 2015 by myeye

    Our Copper (shared with Kevin and Tricia Dooley) has finally decided to come into season — YAY!  She will be bred to Cracker, a handsome black boy.  We expect baybeez the first week in January — if all goes according to plan.  There should be black tris, brindles and reds.  This is a stunningly healthy breeding.  Copper has the best hips we’ve ever bred.  She is tested clear of Degenerative Myelopathy, is EE (no clear red or pink), and no fluff.  Her CERF (now called CAER) is normal and her parents are tested clear for PRA.  Daddy-to-be is OFA Good, EE (no pink), PRA clear by line, DM clear.  He does carry fluff so some of the kids will carry for fluff.  Both parents have wonderful, bright temperaments.  Copper has her HT and her CD.  Cracker is a Group-winning Grand Champion.

    Here is the pedigree.

    Cracker GroupCracker

    Copper Stacked 2626Copper

    It has been a year since our last litter so we are excited about these upcoming babies.  Think good thoughts for Copper and the babies.  We’ll share more information as this plan progresses.

  4. Puppy Report

    June 13, 2015 by myeye

    Unfortunately there will not be a summer litter here.  Raising a litter is a tremendous amount of work and I have too many other life things going on.  I plan to breed one of our girls in the late fall — so a winter litter.

  5. Now This Is Too Cute

    May 18, 2015 by myeye

    Here is Freya (Ultra) on the occasion of her 5-month birthday.  She found mud and it made her soooo happy.  Thanks, Beth Harris for taking this great photo.

    Ultra-5 months mud 2Adorable, I think!