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  1. The Clutter – 3-1/2 Weeks Old

    May 27, 2017 by myeye

    It’s certainly taken me long enough!  And I am still working on the puppy cam.  It’s up and working, but I must contact potential viewers individually and let them know how to access the camera.  We can no longer go through this blog to watch the puppies.  The good news is that the new camera has excellent definition.

    So, here is The Clutter Litter at 3-1/2 weeks.  These are only head shots because I was holding them and taking the photos.  We should get some stacked photos this weekend as well.  The puppies are on their third set of collars — they’ve outgrown the first two.  Everyone (except Itty) is hovering at 2 pounds; she is just over 1 pound.  We have barking and puppy wrestling.  They are happily eating two meals a day of goat milk and yoghurt and ground raw turkey.  Mom Flutter takes care of the rest of the meals.  Flutter is in great shape, keeps the Clutter clean.  I get nothing done here because they need me to stare at them and hold them and play with them.  I truly love puppies!

    The theme for this litter is Joni Mitchell songs — I am a 60’s woman!

    Black Collar BoyBlack Collar Boy

    Green Collar BoyGreen Collar Boy

    Blue Collar GirlBlue Collar Girl

    Gray collar GirlGray Collar Girl

    Purple Collar Girl - IttyPurple Collar Girl (Itty)

    Red Collar GirlRed Collar Girl

    yellow collar girlYellow Collar Girl

  2. Counting Down to January 3rd

    November 5, 2015 by myeye

    Yesterday Copper was bred.  We look forward to puppies born on January 3rd.  It was a stressful event only because the first shipment of swimmers (on Tuesday) lacked any live swimmers.  That does not work.  So, Tuesday with the exemplary assistance of Cracker’s owner and the ICSB-Atlanta team, an overnight shipment of pupsicles came to FedEx Albuquerque.  Copper submitted to yet another progesterone test.  Her numbers were still good for a breeding so we did a TCI (Transcervical Insemination).  She was very put out — no roses, no soft music, no nice dinner in a good restaurant.  I cannot imagine how offended she will be when she has a bunch of little babies demanding food, cleaning and playing.

    Copper’s mom Dory was a wonderful brood bitch and I am so very hopeful that Copper mirrors her.

    So now we wait.  Somewhere between the 19th and 21st of November we will check Copper’s gums for a change from dark pink to pale pink.  That will tell us that embryos are implanting.  About December 6th, we should be able to see body changes that tell us Copper is carrying a litter.  I am so hopeful!  I invite you all to be hopeful along with us.  Here is the pedigree for the litter.  We should have tri-colors, reds, and brindles.

  3. Practical Words of Wisdom

    September 3, 2015 by myeye

    Margaret and Helen are at it again — read the entire post here.  However, for me this one sentence encapsulates everything I believe.

    I’d rather live my life believing there is a God and finding out there isn’t, than believing there is no God only to find out there is.

    So, Margaret and Helen’s pithy thoughts aside, this is a month of great change for me.  I am moving my office to my home this weekend.  It will be nice to be there with the dogs and the weeds (well, maybe not the weeds).  I hope to consolidate my legal work into a couple of very organized days, get back to writing, and do some dog training in daylight.  I think I am finally old enough to get my act together.

    I will miss my away-from-home office and the people with whom I share space, but it is really time for a change.

    I am planning two litters this fall/winter.  One will be Copper HT CD to that handsome black dog GCh Dragonpatch Thunderstruck.  We will have blacks, reds, and brindles.  Both parents are clear for DM, pink, and PRA, have normal CERF/CAER tests and very good hips.  Although da boy carries fluff, Copper does not.  Here is the pedigree.  And the other breeding will be a Chase litter — the mom, a new brindle girl to which I will introduce you soon.  Again both Chase and “Madame X” are fully health tested.  I LOVE puppies!

  4. Reality

    July 8, 2014 by myeye

    My father died when I was a sophomore in high school.  I was attending a Catholic School.  To help pay the tuition (which my mother could no longer afford) I began washing dishes in the cafeteria during lunch.  I earned a scholarship to undergraduate school, but it did not cover everything so I worked the entire time I was an undergraduate.  . . . break from school to get married and have two sons . . .  I always wanted to be an attorney so I applied to law school.  By then, I was a single mother so I obtained student loans and worked as a law clerk — the whole way through school.  I passed the bar and — IT HAD HAPPENED — I had become a lawyer.  All these years later, I am still an attorney completing my 27th year of practice.  I specialize in Federal Criminal Defense, e.g., bank robbery, big drug distribution cases, murders on the Indian reservations.  I still like what I do for a living and try to carefully guard my reputation.

    When I have not specifically established an attorney/client relationship with a person, conversations with that person are not covered by attorney/client privilege.  Every word I speak is not cloaked in “attorneyness.”  My day-to-day opinions are simply my personal opinions — not legal opinions.  If I say something that makes sense to you, and you choose to follow that course — great!  I’m glad it was helpful, but it was not legal advice.

    As anyone who reads this Blog knows, I have Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  I love the dogs.  They are my companions and breeding (occasionally), training and showing them is my hobby.  Probably because I am an attorney, but not as an attorney, I use written contracts when I buy or sell a dog, lease a dog, breed a dog, or permit someone to breed to Chase.  It makes life easier for everyone when those things to which we have agreed are in writing — particularly a few years down the road when memory has faded.  I have drafted and then tinkered with those contracts.  I have shared them with many people who want to develop their own contracts for their own dog hobby.  They were not written as attorney products nor shared as attorney products.  I try to be cognizant of others’ contracts as they pertain to a dog in which I might have an interest.

    So all that leads to an issue, ongoing for the past five or six weeks.  I am aware of a pretty red dog with a lovely pedigree.  Her breeder, her owner and I have over the years discussed breeding her to Chase.  She just turned three years old.  In early June, I told her breeder (as a courtesy) that I was interested in leasing her from her owner.  The breeder does not have a written contract with the owner and does not co-own the female.  The breeder indicated that “since it was me, and since she would be bred to Chase,” she did not have any objection.  I then set about agreeing on terms with the owner.  I sent the owner a Lease Agreement which we both signed, and I sent the American Kennel Club a Lease Notification.  I made arrangements to get the pretty girl to my home so she and Chase could get to know one another and she could be comfortable in my home.

    Suddenly, the breeder decided she had been betrayed and stabbed in the back.  She began posting horrible accusations on Facebook and on her Blog, using my name.  I have never responded — just not big on the public forum for resolving issues.  Last week the breeder with whom I have no agreement, contract, etc. filed a complaint with the Disciplinary Board of my State Bar Association.  Since the contents of the complaint are CONFIDENTIAL, I can only say that the accusations are beyond the pale.  I will say that I am appalled that this person would attempt to interfere with my professional life which is totally separate from my dog hobby.

    It does not matter your education or training, the actions and rantings of a friend can be most hurtful.  Today I am speaking as a regular person feeling the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune — not as an attorney.

  5. Very Nice Nola and Elfie

    March 7, 2014 by myeye

    Elfie and Nola have meshed as an obedience team.  Nola completed her Beginner Novice title on February first with a 4th place and two 2nd place awards in tough company.  Elfie and the Red Menace are having a great time.  I am very proud of them!

    AKC BN Certificate blog