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  1. Photos of the Baby Baddogs

    February 3, 2014 by myeye

    Today Kevin and I tried to set up and photograph Salsa, Flutter, and Copper — with varying degrees of success.  Copper is 10-months old, still butt-high AND she does not care to stretch out her hind legs.  The two baby girls were pretty cooperative for baby girls.  Salsa is 4-1/2 months old and Flutter is 3-1/2 months old.

    Copper Front 2-3-14Copper’s front

    Copper Side 2-3-14Copper Side

    Salsa Front 2-3-14Salsa’s Front

    Slasa side 2-3-14Salsa’s Side

    Flutter Front 2-3-14Flutter’s Front

    Salsa Side 2 2-3-14Flutter’s Side

    Copper is a Chase/Dory daughter, Salsa is a Holmes/Rhiannon daughter, and Flutter is a Lowri/Dickens daughter.

  2. Passport Photos Are Ugly

    November 24, 2013 by myeye

    Little pink collar girl (“Mea”)headed to California yesterday.   She had her health check-up and earned her hall pass.  I made up her flyer for the top of her crate.  I took the photo while she sat on my lap — it’s not very flattering, but that’s the way these passport photos come out.  You’ll be seeing cuter photos before many days have passed.

    Mea 11-22-13

    I also took Ms. Copper to the vet and weighed her in.  On the Elyan Weight Loss Program she has dropped from 31.5 pounds to 27.1 pounds since October 26th.  Whoo hoo!  If we can keep the weight off, she will be so much happier and healthier — well maybe not happier because this dog LOVES to eat!

  3. Just a Couple of Days

    October 11, 2013 by myeye

    Yesterday was day One of the four Los Lunas show cluster.  Weather-wise, it was a pretty awful start to our annual event.  We had 50 mph wind gusts.  Tops were removed from pop-ups, trash can blew over, ribbons were showing up in odd places.  Just as it was time for Cardigans to go into the ring, the rain started.  The rain was sideways and cold.  As is so often the case here, Chase was the only brindle and Copper was the only red.  The other entries were tris.  Chase was select, Banjo was Best of Opposite Sex and the Winners Bitch was Best of Breed.  She was the only entry that looked like she was glad to be there.  I don’t know if any of the people looked happy.  Miserable show weather.

    Today — well, it’s New Mexico — the winds are gone, the rain has moved on and it is supposed to be gorgeous.  Thank goodness.

    Last night I went into Albuquerque to watch Granddaughter Adrienne play in the Parochial League Volleyball tournament.  They won on Wednesday, but did not fare that well last night.  So, their season is over.  Adrienne informed us that now she would like to try basketball.  I hope she loves it — I have a dream of seeing her as a Lady Lobo.  She’d look great in cherry and silver.

    10:00 ring time so we are off to the races!   Maybe today we’ll get the pop-up erected and add crates for the dog, some Aluminet panels, chairs, an x-pen . . .

  4. Heathens 10-Week Photos

    August 20, 2013 by myeye

    Yesterday the puppies and I went to Kevin and Tricia’s to memorialize the Heathens’ 10-week birthday (which was actually on Friday).  Kevin did the stacking and I pushed the shutter release.


    Kimber 2 8-19-13 371


    Kimber Front 8-19-13-302


    Lily Side 8-19-13 342

    Lily Front 8-19-13 334


    Newmie Side 8-19-13 353

    Newmie Front 8-19-13

  5. Copper Taking a Little Peek

    May 3, 2013 by myeye

    Copper peeking - blog 4-30-13

    Baby Copper Wooing the Photographer