a March 20th, 2008

  1. Getting a Stacking Box

    March 20, 2008 by MyEye

    Apparently Chase modeling the stacking box made it very desirable.  I’ve been flooded with requests for contact information.  John says I may put this on the blog.  His web site is www.GrayfootAgility.com  There is a contact link on his site or use info@grayfootagility.com  The box teaches muscle memory for conformation and is great for proofing the stand-stay for obedience.  Nope, I don’t have stock — just love a useful, well-made product.

  2. Shampoo-In Fat Remover

    March 20, 2008 by MyEye

    It’s looking a lot like summer — 70 degrees and sunny skies.  That means it’s time to dig out the sleeveless tops.  They look okay under a blazer or a big shirt with a skirt or slacks.  Unfortunately they don’t look okay if the extra me isn’t covered up.  I hate dieting, I hate exercise.  I hate regimented anything.  I know better — I just hate it.  So, I’m cruising the body wash section of Target.  I think it’s time for one of the big cosmetic companies (Revlon, Avon, L’Oreal) to market a shampoo-in fat remover (“SIFR”).  Stand in the shower, lather up all over with SIFR, wait an hour and wash away the extra pounds.  Why is this product not being promoted, is it still in R & D?  No help from Google . . .