It Was Probably Entertaining From Outside the Ring

March 29, 2008

Oh, Mr. Kip!  I dearly love this happy little dog, but this happy little dog dearly loves others who have passed through his life.  One of those people was today’s obedience judge.  He hadn’t seen her for a year, so I thought we might be okay.  We went into the ring and prepared for the “heel on leash”.  The judge said “Are you ready?”  I looked down to make sure my dog was ready just as he snapped his head around to look at the judge.  He stretched his neck and had his ears at high alert, and his tail started wagging.  The judge said, “He recognized me.”  I said, “Yes, he did.”  So, then I waited for the other shoe to drop — what would he do?

His heel on leash was really good, his Figure-8 was perfect.  His stand for exam — there it was.  As the judge came toward him he wagged violently.  When she touched his head, he looked up into her eyes and continued to stare at her face as she reached toward his shoulders and rear.  He couldn’t do that without sitting.  Sigh.  On the heel free, at the “fast” command, he ran joyfully ahead of me, circled back and came to perfect heel position.  Sigh.  On the recall, he followed me across the ring.  Sigh.

Perfect long sit and down.  Guess you had to be there to appreciate the energy he puts into every performance.  Before we left the ring the judge gave Kip the tummy rub he craved.  Tomorrow’s judge is a stranger (though she judged him last fall in Rally).  I wonder if he’ll revert to being the great little obedience dog that owns me?

On the plus side, I’m always glad to donate money to our local dog clubs . . .

  1. C-Myste says:

    Oh, I love it. How can you be mad when they are such characters?

    I can envision the entire escapade!

  2. Jean from NM says:

    Oh, Kip!!!!!!!!!

    How can you NOT love “this happy little dog.” Sigh.

  3. Shelley says:

    Nothing like a Cardi to humble us is there?

    Good luck on tomorrow’s trial – somehow I see the rest of us scanning premium lists for judges the we KNOW, and you trying to find the names of total strangers 😀