It’s Too Early

March 24, 2008

peach-blossoms2-easter-2008.jpg  We’ve had a few days of sunshine with temperatures in the high 60’s.  That was just too much temptation for my little peach tree.  So, the flowers are out — but we’ll have at least two more freezes before it’s really spring.  In a good year, this little tree is so prolific that come July I watch for my neighbors to drive away, and I leave bags of peaches on their front porches — like foundling babies.  The Children Youth & Families Department has yet to catch up with me.   None of the other neighbors has ratted me out either.  I take bags of fruit to dog training classes, friends come pick bags to take home.  However, given the foolhardy blooming of the little tree, we may not have to worry about the distribution system this summer.