WOW & Photos and All

March 10, 2008

chase-2-3-08.jpgMatt-the-computer-guru is here, looking over my shoulder to make sure I’ve learned to add photos to the words.  The three cardis are shown a bit further down this page, sitting on the bench, enjoying the sun.  You’ll see more of them — especially Chase who is growing like a weed.

head-shot-w-dumbbell-12-4-07.jpg Kip is close to certification for his TD.  There is a test in Broken Arrow, OK on May 4th.  If we’re ready, we’ll enter, hope to make the draw and then trek to Oklahoma for a test in a mowed hayfield.  A local Club member has a hayfield we can traipse through to make sure Kip isn’t distracted by the feel of the stubble.  That’s the chore for this Saturday morning.  He’s shown here with his dumbbell — finally learning to retrieve the dumbbell certainly improved his chances of earning a CDX!

inca-side-9-25-06.jpgInca is working on novice obedience right now, but begins intermediate agility April 1st (that really could be April Fool’s Day).  So, I’ll go run around the field with her because she loves it so much.  She likes the contacts most.  My theory is that it lets her be up above the world (that she rules anyway) with a view that she doesn’t normally have.