Office Help Wanted

April 8, 2008

the-little-man-4-8-08.jpg Some days I need help at the office.  Today, Chase is my assistant.  He looks out the window, barks at passers-by, cleans my toes — I’m wearing sandals — and is generally good company.  At five and a half months, he takes his responsibilities quite seriously.

I think he’s a mighty handsome boy.  He’ll be six months old on the 17th.  Over Mothers’ Day weekend he’s entered at the Rio Grande Kennel Club Shows — it’s a debut!  We’ll find out if judges think he’s as nice as I think he is.

  1. joan says:

    What a beautiful boy you have! I hope you are going to be posting a photo of him with a ribbon soon.
    One of my pets also likes to help in the office, she’s a very sociable cat and she loves to entertain the patients while they wait for their adjustment. What would we do with out our furry friends? Don’t ask me, because I really don’t know.

  2. Jean from NM says:

    Hey, I could use some assistance at my office! Does he do filing? His paws might be too big for the keypad on my phone, but I could use some help with the files. If nothing else, he would make my office looks GORGEOUS — just like he is.

    Give him a cookie for me . . .

  3. MyEye says:

    Chase does not understand why people “keep” paper. It should be dragged around and then shredded. I don’t think he’ll comprehend your plan. He is really good at vacuuming up nearly invisible food crumbs. He will also thin your plants if they brush his face.
    If you still think you want his services, let me know.

  4. Jean from NM says:

    Um, well, on second thought, maybe not. But do give him the cookie for me, OK?


  5. C-Myste says:

    Gorgeous boy, if I do say so 😉