Wheezing – The Pollen Count is Approximately 9 Billion

April 8, 2008


The Land of Enchantment has turned into the land of watery eyes, stuffy/runny noses, hoarse voices, sneezing, itchy throat/ears.  Everything is blooming — and we are suffering.  The dogs can’t understand the sneezing jags each morning.  They push in against my knees and jump with each achoooo.  Except for Chase who barks at me — thanks a lot, little man!  I think we should expect another month of this.  On the bright side, the lilacs are blooming, the wisteria are hanging heavy.  This is a photo of a weeping cherry tree in my neighborhood that should be the model for a famous painting.  I would love this time of year if I didn’t have to breathe.

When my family first moved to Albuquerque in 1952, we were fleeing the allergens in the mid-west.  As Albuquerque developed, people planted grass and trees (especially non-native trees like Russian Olive), and the City now hires people to count the pollen all spring long.