Mothers’ Day Best of Winners Photo

May 31, 2008


This is the Best of Winners/Best Puppy photo from Chase’s major win on May 11th.  He’s with Judge Monica Canestrini and our friend Bonnie Kellner.  I thinks he’s such a cute boy!  We’re off to Flagstaff next weekend, and then the last weekend of June to Oklahoma City for four days of shows, including a supported entry.  My heart beats faster when I look at this photo.  I didn’t expect my 6-1/2 month old puppy to win, especially not both days, especially not a major, especially not a puppy Herding Group I.  Whew — what a weekend! 

  1. Jean from NM says:

    Finally! And what a photo. Isn’t he the most gorgeous puppy EVER?


  2. mandy says:

    I think he got all Pilot’s body! My boy is shoot-thruastraw right now 🙂

    Glad he looks so good and crossing fingers for more luck!

  3. MyEye says:

    It’s pretty amazing — watching how they grow. Chase was the littlest puppy in their litter at 6 oz. Now he towers over Kip and Inca. He carries a really heavy coat — hasn’t shed out his puppy fur yet. Pilot wil catch up, and then look out!