Mothers Day Gifts at the Show

May 11, 2008

There will probably not be another dog show day quite like today.  Kip finished his CD and actually earned third place.  I bought him scent articles so we can begin Utility training while we polish up his Open work.

But there is another big story: Chase-puppy upheld the honor of his family.  This morning he went Best of Winners for a 3 point major.  He was also the Best Cardi Puppy.  (Judge Monica Canestrini)  So, we hung around for Puppy Group competition and Chase won the Herding Group.  (Judge Norman Kenny)  In the Best Puppy competition, it came down to Chase and a Min Pin — can you believe there would even be a question?  The judge spent a lot of time looking at our baby, but finally awarded Best Puppy to the Min Pin.

What was so wonderful about the wins was the judges’ reactions to Chase.  They were mesmerized — perhaps by his flashy coloring, his side gait, how clean he is coming and going, his lovely topline?  Since he made a licking swipe at every judge, it was probably that temperament.  I don’t know, but as the watcher (once we got out of Obedience), I was too thrilled for words.  After his first two shows, the baby is one-third of his way to his Championship with one major.  Whoopee!

We had lots of photos taken and I promise to post the best when we receive it. 

  1. Shelley says:

    Just fantastic!!! There will probably never be a Mother’s Day you will remember so well!

    It was Chase’s Mother’s Day present that also will be the one you don’t forget!


  2. C-Myste says:

    Waiting eagerly for pictures!

  3. Jeri says:

    Huge congrats, Penni! What a way to start off Mr. Chase, and way to go Kip!

  4. MyEye says:

    I had one other pretty significant Mothers Day. My younger son Brock was born on Mothers Day 38 years ago — I don’t think this year’s eclipsed 1970, BUT this year was certainly far less painful.

  5. Joan says:

    Congrats Penni! We all knew Mr. Chase was a winner, as well as one fine lookin’ guy. Congrats to Kip as well, it can’t be easy being judged and third is nothin’ to sneeze at!