May, 2008

  1. So Why Is the Dog Door Propped Open?

    May 21, 2008 by MyEye

    I’d like to think that Chase had assistance from Kip and/or Inca.  No one puppy should be this persistent, but I’m afraid he is.  When I came home from a miserably failed mediation this afternoon, I felt a mighty draft coming from the downstairs half bath.  The dog door was open and there was wood sticking into the room.  I opened the dog door the rest of the way and found the trunk of a very old grapevine.  It had been removed from the ground, dragged across the yard and Chase was bringing it into the house.  It’s a least 3-feet long, gnarled as grape vines are, and about five inches in diameter.  It used to produce Thompson seedless grapes that hung in delectable bunches between the wooden boards that form the patio “ceiling”.  Chase was twisting and turning and pulling to work it through the 8″ x 11″ opening.  I cannot describe how happy I am that he didn’t get that last gnarl into the house before I arrived.

    In the meantime we are having such a nasty dust storm that there is no satellite reception — I missed Wheel of Fortune!  I understand why the Dust Bowl Era settlers went crazy when the wind blew — no Wheel of Fortune?

  2. The Celtic Games

    May 17, 2008 by MyEye

    In mid-May the New Mexico Celtic Association puts on the Celtic Festival and Highland Games at the Balloon Fiesta Park.  As always, the corgis are invited (being Welsh and all, you know).  Since Kip went to Tulsa and then showed three days last weekend, he got to stay home and Chase-puppy (celebrating 7 months of life today) and Inca went to represent Cardigans.  It was a bit disorganized and the dogs’ parts in the “Parade” were forgotten, so we stood there — Corgis to Westies to Wolfhounds — all dressed up with nowhere to go.  There was, however, a “meet the breeds,” and the dogs happily greeted lots of people (especially little kids).

    The high point of the day though was the Jack Russell Terriers’ lure coursing event.  Chase tried it — he IS named Chase after all.  We walked into the chute area and a youngster dropped the rabbit fur in front of our puppy.  He sniffed it, looked like he might pick it up — and then IT MOVED.  “Mom, it’s going to get away!” — and he was off.  He flew down the course to the great delight of the throng of onlookers.  Coming back, he stopped every two or three feet to greet his adoring fans, pass out licks and wags.  I so wish I had someone videotape his run (and triumphant return), but I doubt the camera person would have anticipated the speed he exhibited.  Too funny!

  3. Mothers Day Gifts at the Show

    May 11, 2008 by MyEye

    There will probably not be another dog show day quite like today.  Kip finished his CD and actually earned third place.  I bought him scent articles so we can begin Utility training while we polish up his Open work.

    But there is another big story: Chase-puppy upheld the honor of his family.  This morning he went Best of Winners for a 3 point major.  He was also the Best Cardi Puppy.  (Judge Monica Canestrini)  So, we hung around for Puppy Group competition and Chase won the Herding Group.  (Judge Norman Kenny)  In the Best Puppy competition, it came down to Chase and a Min Pin — can you believe there would even be a question?  The judge spent a lot of time looking at our baby, but finally awarded Best Puppy to the Min Pin.

    What was so wonderful about the wins was the judges’ reactions to Chase.  They were mesmerized — perhaps by his flashy coloring, his side gait, how clean he is coming and going, his lovely topline?  Since he made a licking swipe at every judge, it was probably that temperament.  I don’t know, but as the watcher (once we got out of Obedience), I was too thrilled for words.  After his first two shows, the baby is one-third of his way to his Championship with one major.  Whoopee!

    We had lots of photos taken and I promise to post the best when we receive it. 

  4. Show Day Two – Obedience and Conformation

    May 10, 2008 by MyEye

    I like this local show!  Kip earned his second novice leg.  I hope, I hope, we can complete his CD tomorrow.

    Then there is the Chase-puppy.  He’s a week short of being seven months old.  I didn’t see him show because I was in another building with Kip.  When I returned, a dog-friend handed me blue and purple ribbons.  I learned the two points in dogs held.  So, in his first show Chase took Winners Dog from the 6-9 month puppy class.  I can’t thank my friend Bonnie Kellner enough for handling him — the schedule conflict probably saved the puppy from a terrible fate (me being at the end of his lead).  When we took the winners photo (I’ll post it as soon as I get it), the judge said to me “THIS is a really nice puppy”.  Many thanks to Judge Janice Leonard for putting up a baby.  Everyone already knows how grateful I am to Tom and Carolyn for letting Chase leave Oregon to come to the high desert of New Mexico — but again, I love this little guy — Thank You.

    . . . and we’re so proud of the other Constitution Litter puppies who have already earned points: Libby, Molly, and brother Pilot.  Let’s go, kids!

    You know, we had so much fun today I think we’ll go back tomorrow.

  5. Day One – Obedience Only

    May 9, 2008 by MyEye

    Whoopee, Mr. Kip earned the first leg of his CD!  His frolic for the day was barrelling in on the recall and doing an automatic finish.  Once he was in heel position, he looked up at me — his eyes said “Oops”, so he turned around with his rear toward the judge — nice straight sit, just facing backward.  He always plays to the crowd!

    Tomorrow we’ll try for a second leg and the Chase-puppy will be shown in conformation.  Since Novice obedience and Cardi conformation are at exactly the same time, I’ll just wander back to the conformation building after Kip and I are done to find out how the puppy fared.  He looks great and is full of himself today.