June, 2008

  1. Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

    June 30, 2008 by MyEye

    Last Wednesday Chase and I drove to Oklahoma City for the 4-day show cluster.  What a huge show.  On Saturday there were more than 2,200 entries.  Cardi males were 4 points all four days (though it dropped to 3 on Sunday due to a dog finishing and someone being absent).  Chase earned a major reserve from Judge James Reynolds, but no points.  However, we learned something really valuable.  I’ve been home-schooling Chase and that isn’t working.  He’s become too dependent upon me.  I am his security blanket so with me he feels safe in any environment.  Three of the four days at the shows, he was in the arena — a huge, open floor surrounded by chair rows that reach to heaven.  Sounds reverberate, huge carts roll by.  It was sensory overload for this eight-month old, AND since someone else handled him, he didn’t have his safety net.

    So, I decided it was imperative he be desensitized.  Sherri Hurst kept him with her from Friday afternoon on, and then took him home with her.  Little Chase is embarking on the first part of the plan for his future show career.

    I miss the little guy even though crazy Kip and the devilish red head are following me from room to room.  I told Sherri that I knew Chase would lift his leg for the first time while he was at her house, and I would miss it (that’s the dog mom equivalent of not seeing your child take his first steps).  As I was misting up over this very real concern she said, “Oh, look” and pointed at the exercise pen.  Chase lifted his leg and marked his territory.  We decided that was the omen — and I felt a little better about bidding my baby goodbye for the next several weeks.

    If you are at the shows in Dallas or San Antonio or at Houston, please give my brindle baby a head pat and a tummy rub.  Let him know his mom misses him.

  2. Planning the 1963 Class Reunion

    June 23, 2008 by MyEye

    Forty-five years since we escaped from high school . . .  Most of the members of the St. Pius X class of 1963 celebrate their 63rd birthdays this year.  Can there be a better reason to plan a reunion?  That, and the fact that we’ve already lost some of the 125 graduates — the first shot down over Vietnam, and then, gradually, others to illness and to accident.  So, in October, we’ll gather to laugh about what we were told to take on faith, what we’ve learned since graduation, what we plan to do with the rest of our lives.  There are class members I see often because we share a career, some I read about frequently — a retired astronaut, the owner of a mega company, a politician, but there are many that I meet only when we plan a five or ten-year get together.

     So, how much weight can I lose by the end of October, and how many of the missing addresses will I be able to find?

  3. Birthdays of Sorts

    June 17, 2008 by MyEye

    Chase is 8 months old today and weighed in at 27 pounds, 11 ounces.  He’s a hefty boy.  Kip and Inca stand clear when he’s on an out-of-control run through the house.

    I’m far older than 8 months today — looking forward to retiring in a couple of years and moving to the west coast.  I’ll take photos, write screen plays, have fun with the cardis.  It sounds so good!

  4. We Named Her Tess

    June 13, 2008 by MyEye

    I gave in.  Most of the dog people around here have a Roomba (or two).  I am tired of watching dog hair waft through the air.  I am tired of rolls of dog hair surrounding chair and table legs.  I am tired of looking down in court and realizing my skirt is decorated with a dog-hair ruff.  So, today I bought an iRobot Roomba 530.  I spent time on line reading about them and comparing the models.  I also read users’ comments.  Without exception, users name their Roombas.  So this first one is Tess.  She’ll be the downstairs maid.  I’ll probably have to add an upstairs maid and, eventually, an office maid.  The shop vac will have to handle the car.  Tess is charging up now, and tomorrow I’ll turn her loose in the living room and dining room.

    I’ll report back on her work habits.

  5. Pretty Puppy

    June 10, 2008 by MyEye


    Handsome Chase — when he cares to pay attention to me.  Fran describes him as a cuddly stuffed toy with shiny button eyes.  Indeed he is!  I wonder if he’ll be so soft and cuddly when he loses all that puppy coat.