Flagstaff Blues

June 8, 2008

We went all the way to Flagstaff, Chase and I.  On Friday, we drove there with our friend Fran who had agreed to show Chase.  She didn’t have a house/dog sitter so brought along her Akita and a herd of MinPins.  We shared a Motel 6 room with another MinPin person from Texas.  Chase is still trying to figure out why a dog would bark just to bark (and so am I).

What a horrible show it was for us.  On Saturday the judge told Fran that she did not like to be licked by dogs (of course, Chase had made his normal swipe at her), and she dumped our flying brindle puppy in favor of blue.

Today Nancy Shaffer Smith (who was the reason we had entered) became ill and was replaced by Marion Hodesson.  If this had been a local show I would have withdrawn my entry and gone home to garden, but we were six hours from home and she had to give the point to some dog.  So we stayed, and she did, and again it was not Chase.  But Chase went reserve because he and the winners dog were the only brindle boys entered.  This was not blue day!

As Snoopy (allegedly) said, “it’s really hard to eat peanut butter when your mouth was all set for pizza.”

  1. Jean from NM says:

    That stinks. Sorry. As long as Chase realizes that there are just some idiot judges out there. . . You already know that.