We Named Her Tess

June 13, 2008

I gave in.  Most of the dog people around here have a Roomba (or two).  I am tired of watching dog hair waft through the air.  I am tired of rolls of dog hair surrounding chair and table legs.  I am tired of looking down in court and realizing my skirt is decorated with a dog-hair ruff.  So, today I bought an iRobot Roomba 530.  I spent time on line reading about them and comparing the models.  I also read users’ comments.  Without exception, users name their Roombas.  So this first one is Tess.  She’ll be the downstairs maid.  I’ll probably have to add an upstairs maid and, eventually, an office maid.  The shop vac will have to handle the car.  Tess is charging up now, and tomorrow I’ll turn her loose in the living room and dining room.

I’ll report back on her work habits.

  1. Jean from NM says:

    H-m-m-m . . . I wonder if Tess would like to visit Bosque Farms? Even though I don’t have a Cardi, I do have rolls and puffs of dog hair decorating my chair and table legs.

    How about “Have Roomba Will Travel”?