a July 5th, 2008

  1. Looking Back at My Dad

    July 5, 2008 by MyEye


    On Shelley’s blog there is a photo of her with her first dog.  It certainly sparked nostalgia.  I have this old photo (1946 or so) of my dad on one of his polo ponies.  It sits on my dresser with my Mom’s graduation photo.  They’ve both been gone since the mid-nineteen sixties, but it’s good to look at them and to remember.  My six younger brothers and sisters and I are all still well, but we miss our parents.

    How wonderful it would have been for them to know my two sons, for them to have attended my graduation from law school, to have loved their great granddaughter.  When friends complain about what a burden their parents have become, I long for such a burden.  I can no longer remember how their voices sounded.  I do remember that they loved one another and each of us.