Beaumont Kennel Club (Day 3)

July 19, 2008

Saturday:  Chase was second in his Sweepstakes class, but again won his regular class.  Again, no points.  He’s showing well, still acting like a big boy, still unafraid of the hustle and bustle in the arenas — so that’s what we seem to be taking away from the Houston shows.

Perhaps we’ll have a break-through tomorrow.  Think good thoughts for the baby.

Photos just in from Jeri Lamy.  Her girl Lizzie finished Saturday.  Thanks, Jeri.

I know you have a cookie!



He’s coming at you!


  1. Emily says:

    He’s so handsome!

    PS did get your e-mail, but have been a slug and not responded yet 😉 I’ll try to get to it ASAP!