Looking Back – Kip Was a Puppy

July 8, 2008

Kip ( my first cardi) and Adrienne (my only granddaughter) have grown together.  When she was a year old, I brought her a giant stuffed tiger.  I was in Chicago and went to a Sam’s Club shortly after Christmas.  They’d marked the tigers down to $9.99 and so I bought one.  To get it home, I stuffed it in a suitcase — before the days of being charged for every checked bag.  Since it was after 9/11, one of the security guys at Midway opened the bag to inspect it and the tiger sprang out at him.  The huge line of waiting passengers howled, and I assured him it was not alive.  When Kip was first introduced to the tiger, he was pretty concerned about the newcomer — so did what any red-blooded Cardi would do — he grabbed its tail and hung on.