The Upstairs Maid

July 20, 2008


Several weeks ago I reported that I had purchased an iRobot Roomba 530 for the downstairs.  We named her Tess.  She has well and faithfully performed her duties of picking up dog hair every two or three days.  I’ve been delighted with her work.  I could have given her a raise, but instead I obtained the services of an upstairs Roomba.  Adrienne and I named her Sally.


On Thursday my friend/housekeeper vacuumed my house with her Dyson.  Today I turned Sally loose on the upstairs.  Notwithstanding the vacuuming only a few days before, Sally collected a small trash bag of unneeded dog hair (actually dog hair is only needed by the dogs for a finite period of time) — and she collected it from spaces that are not accessible to the Dyson, but obviously places to which dog hair will gravitate.

When Kip, Inca and I go to Rally class this afternoon, Tess will hit the downstairs again.  Otherwise the two dogs will watch the Roomba, scrambling out of her way when she heads in their direction.


My daughter-in-law, who has Jack Russel Terriers, bought a Roomba (after I bragged on mine).  They named her Hazel and are very happy with her.  Debi does insist Marc close the outside doors when Hazel is working so she doesn’t escape and go racing down Meadowlark Drive where she might be hit by a car.

  1. Shelley says:

    It’s beginning to sound like I could use one of these!