What Makes Me Happy #1

July 14, 2008

A couple of weeks ago Shelley tagged me with the duty to share the six things that make me happy.  http://blog.yasashiikuma.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/hapiness-award2.jpg  I cannot believe how difficult it is, not only to identify six things, but also to prioritize them.  One posting with discussion of all six is out of the question.  So, I will dole them out like Advent gifts, one at a time.
#1 is my granddaughter Adrienne.  From the time she was born, she has made me happy.  I love spending time with her.  I loved watching her sway her diapered bottom in time to Latin American music.  I loved watching her learn the sound of each piano key.  I loved listening to her new words.  Her smile brings tears to my eyes and her laughter makes me laugh.  She is a special little girl, a blessing in my life, and a reason to be alive in twenty years.


There’s one more photo I must add.  Adrienne loves music.  She was in first grade at a Catholic school which gave various awards at the end of this school year. teaching-pooh-to-play-1-blog.jpg  Adrienne received (in addition to a bunch of academic awards), the St. Vitus Award because no matter what she’s doing, she does it dancing.  Her love of music and rhythm started when she could pull herself up on a coffee table.  For her the piano was a source of both amazement and amusement.  In this photo, she’s teaching her Pooh bear to play.

  1. Shelley says:

    Grandchildren are the payment for suffering through our children without killing them 🙂

    She’s a doll and looks about the same age as Shannon. Four going on twenty-four?

  2. MyEye says:

    Adrienne is now 6-1/2. She’ll probably be the only one, so I enjoy every second I have with her.