a September 19th, 2008

  1. . . . and One More Thing

    September 19, 2008 by MyEye

    Last night I learned from one of my obedience classmates that she was in our Old Town Plaza registering voters last weekend.  The local gendarme made her leave because the voter registrars did not have a permit to use the plaza.  Now the homeless folks sleep on the benches in the plaza, and panhandlers follow people around in the plaza, tourists wander open-mouthed through the plaza, and I’m pretty sure none of them has a permit.  However, to provide people with an opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to vote, you must have a permit — for which there is a charge, and paperwork.  Alas!

  2. Another Ranting Minister

    September 19, 2008 by MyEye

    This letter to the editor appeared in this morning’s newspaper.  Somehow (and I thought I was current), I hadn’t heard about the anti-America sermon by Sarah Palin’s minister.  Does it relect on her fitness to serve — gee, I don’t know.  The words of Barack Obama’s minister certainly were disected in respect to Obama’s abilities.  Seems to me what’s good for the goose is good for whatever you call a female honker.  . . . I must find the author of this letter and thank him/her for apprising me of the sermon — my local newspaper certainly did not.