a September 20th, 2008

  1. I Love Flowers (and Other Growing Things)

    September 20, 2008 by MyEye

    I love them up close and personal.  I love to (figuratively) get down into the center and have the stamen brush my cheeks and the petals my ears.  Whether I’m prowling one of the California Mission gardens or a remote valley in my home state, I’m photographing the intricate in nature.  Some time back, Shelley tagged me to list the six things that make me happy.  I already wrote about my granddaughter.  This is number two on my list.

    Cactus at the San Luis Obispo Mission


    Okay, I’m not climbing into the center of this one, but look at the light.  There is even a delicate spider web strung across it.

    I took this at the Huntington Library

    Is it a Begonia (my horticultural knowledge is limited)?


    A Rose in the Mission Garden 


    This rose wasn’t perfect, but the light from the side was.  I was there one January, wandering the Pacific Highway, cutting off to visit the missions.  Below is the more perfect rose, but without that perfect light.  Is there a lesson?


    More flowers later.  It’s time to play with the Cardis and go to sleep.  Think good thoughts!

  2. Two More Weeks

    September 20, 2008 by MyEye

    The Balloons are coming!  Our annual Balloon Fiesta begins on the first Saturday in October.  A few years ago, after there were 900+ balloon entries, the Balloon Fiesta Committee began limiting the entries to 750 balloons (THAT’S RIGHT — 750 HOT AIR BALLOONS!)  That’s a passle of balloons and they are so gorgeous.  Besides the mass ascensions at sunrise, there are late afternoon and evening events.  All those colors against that blue fall sky — with only an occasional swoosh as the pilots add heat to the balloons to maneuver them.  We are involved, and we are in love, with this event.

    There are booths selling everything balloon, lots of great food — start out before dawn with a breakfast burrito and hot chocolate.  There is always a handmade balloon design quilt raffled, and an original poster (fierce competition to paint the Fiesta poster).  It is a fiesta in the truest sense of the word and the hundreds of thousands of excited spectators stand in the cold with frosty breath waiting for the ballon crews to lay out the envelopes and begin inflating them.  Spectators wander among the balloons talking with the crews and with one another.  What a super ten days!  Come visit!  At the risk of losing all computer speed (my ISP is the Broadband provider for the Fiesta), I’ll suggest you log in to www.balloonfiesta.com.  During the Fiesta, there is a live feed.

    The Balloon Glow


  3. Come Along With Me

    September 20, 2008 by MyEye

    I live in New Mexico and I’d like to take you on a Blogtrip to somewhere that I’ve always thought special.  These are the tent rocks.  The bulk of the formation is located on Indian land, but the Pueblo allows people to admire the rocks from one side.  Saudi Arabia is the only other place in the world that has formations of this type.  These photos were shot in December with wonderful light.  Come visit!

    From the Side — They Go On Forever


    Surrounded by Wintering Chamisa


    At Sunset . . . They Turn Golden


    I Love the Texture