a September 21st, 2008

  1. He Ate My Cell Phone

    September 21, 2008 by MyEye

    One of the things I had most appreciated about the Chase-puppy is that he wasn’t a big chewer.  Well, that has all changed as of one minute ago.  I was upstairs checking out all my favorite blogs and Carolyn’s website updates.  I heard Chase chewing on something downstairs — made the assumption it was one of the gazillion toys the dogs have accumulated so did not rush downstairs to check.  That was a bad decision.

    He chewed my Palm Treo to shreds along with the leather case.  He destroyed the antenna, broke off the battery cover.  I caught him before he got to the Smart Card with the Garmin info on it.  I believe I have replacement insurance to cover damage — and boy is it damaged!

    So I’m going to call Verizon to let them know that my dog ate my homework, my contacts, my calendar, my text messages, and see if they will replace it.  Meanwhile, Chase is licking my toes — like that’s going to make up for this.

  2. Burnished Bronze

    September 21, 2008 by MyEye

    bronze-bell-at-san-luis-cabezon-blog.jpgI didn’t have as much time as I’d hoped to find and photograph bronze bells, but this one (albeit dusty) shares the colors of Chase’s brindle coat.  The bell hangs atop an old Church at San Luis Cabezon.  That deserted village will be the next stop on our New Mexico Blogtrip.


    This is the bronze bell at the Church at Las Trampas.  The photo was taken through apple blossoms — it will be a while before those are out again.  Apple blossoms or not, it snowed that day.  Obviously, I did not run out and take this photo to match the bronze to Chase’s coat.  It was already in my collection.

  3. So Now It’s Autumn

    September 21, 2008 by MyEye


    In the mountains nearby are numerous canyons and valleys.  One of our favorite fall trips is to 4th of July Canyon.  It’s named for its spectacular foliage.



    Below is the Rio Grande Valley north of Albuquerque at San Felipe Pueblo.  Because the altitude is less than that of 4th of July Canyon, we’ve not yet reached the same level of glorious color.