a September 24th, 2008

  1. The New Phone is Out of His Reach

    September 24, 2008 by MyEye

    Fortunately I have cell phone insurance.  Sunday night I called the claims number and yesterday morning DHL showed up at the office.  The delivery person met Chase, who acted as if he had no idea what the nice man was delivering.  I plugged the phone in to charge overnight.  This morning I programmed it with Verizon, then with the Palm software, and then overlaid it all with my Chapura KeySuites.  (For future reference, and if there was a place to vote for absolutely best customer service in the world, I’d put up Chapura.)  So, we are back in business cell phone-wise. 

    Unlike the old phone which was Courthouse compliant (no camera), this phone has both still and video capability.  The Courthouse rule changed shortly after I moved heaven and earth to obtain a TREO without a camera.  But now I may take this PDA to court with me without being arrested by the Marshals.  I actually bought it because it synchronizes with Outlook on my computer so I have all phone numbers, email addresses, and my calendar with me at all times.  Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

    The insurance company sent me a crummy case, but on eBay I found a duplicate of what Chase eviscerated.  Also on eBay I found the glare-free screen protectors.  All should be arriving by Monday.

    Next I must determine the greatest height the darned dog can reach AND remember to never leave my phone below that mark.  Since he is proficient in staged jumping, i.e., coffee table to arm of chair to back of chair to top of crate, or floor to chair to top of my desk, it’s not going to be easy to protect the phone.

    For now I’m enjoying my return to the world of communication.