Brindle Colors

September 18, 2008

I certainly agree that Libby is a red brindle and it’s a really pretty color, and chocolate (little Molly) is one of my most favorite things, but I think Chase is a bronze brindle with burnishing.  He looks like a weathered church bell that shows streaks of gold where it has rubbed against the rope.  Yep!  He is definitely a bronze brindle with burnishing.  He also tolls the hour early in the morning when he wants me to roll out of bed.  I’ll go on a scouting trip this weekend and photograph some old bronze bells so we can compare the color.

Here’s an April photo of Chase in the sun wearing his tracking harness.  He was five months old.  Isn’t he a burnished bronze color?  His adult coat has come in with some darker streaks.


  1. Sarah says:

    Not related to color, but the tracking harness reminded me… I was lamenting to a tracking friend about how harnesses were not really made for a mature male Cardigan, it either slips around, or is so tight in the armpits the dog can’t walk right. She showed me a “newish” product from Premier, it’s got an adjustable strap for the chest strap, and buckles on both sides as well so no putting feet in through openings, etc. Perfect for Cardigans to accomodate the chest and be adjustable in that area without affecting the rest of the fit of the harness. They are at, just for fun.

  2. Emily says:

    He’s so stunning! If you ever get sick of him you can send him here, fed ex or UPS would work fine! ;0P

    I’m still super fond of red AKA ‘tiger’ brindles, like my own tiger dog. I ‘ordered’ him from Carolyn, and she did a PERFECT job of making the perfect special order doggy! LOL