Corgi Play day – September

September 7, 2008

Thirty Corgis came out to play yesterday morning.  That’s a lot of corgis racing through the wood chips at Domingo Baca Park.  We had honored guests including two whippets, a beagle, and some crosses.


Chase is behind the whippet which he found fascinating.  Adrienne is trying to catch him–good luck with that.

Kip was running around (literally), but I never got a photo of him.  He is EEOC (Equal Entertainment Opportunity Cardi). 


Inca checked out the tailess visitors

When we returned home, all three dogs crashed.  They have never been less trouble than after a couple of hours of racing with their Pem cousins.

  1. Sarah says:

    Is the little tri Pem with the purple harness Torie? I can’t tell since she’s not looking this way, but reminds me of Torie. 🙂