Inca’s Now an RN (Registered Nurse?)

September 1, 2008

The little red girl wagged her way through today’s course to claim her 3rd green ribbon and a turquoise and white “Title” rosette.  I love to finish titles at the Sandia Dog Obedience Club’s trials because they give out the pretty title rosettes.

Kip’s mom (that would be me) MISSED a station in Rally Advanced so he NQed.  I probably missed it because I was looking around to see where he was.  He did today’s course the same way he did yesterday’s — dancing, prancing, spinning, and wagging the whole way.  Kip is definitely the party cardi.  You cannot get angry with him, but you can certainly be frustrated!

Chase-puppy came to the Trial today to meet the obedience judge who has just been approved as a provisional for cardis.  Chase threw himself into her arms and she told me he’d win on temperament.  Actually, he stacked himself and looked quite handsome for a nano-second at a time.

We always have a raffle and I won four ring gates and five uprights — great for practicing straight sits, since we don’t seem to have any around here.  I never thought I was very lucky, but might change my mind . . . now if I could just win the lottery . . .