Top Spots to Live

September 26, 2008

I decided to see where would direct me to live.  Look out Carolyn — it aimed me in your direction:

Top 25

Portland, Eugene, Albuquerque (am I already where I belong?), Las Vegas NV, Las Cruces, Little Rock, Corvallis, Medford (see, I told you!), Honolulu, Baltimore, San Bernardino (I’ll check it out during the Southern Cal Specialty), Baton Rouge (really?), Salem OR, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz CA, Santa Fe, Alexandria LA, Reno, Ventura CA, Sacramento, Carson City, Shreveport-Bossier City, Bend OR, and Henderson.  I think Nevada is too hot for me and the Louisiana locations are too humid.  The other cities — well, it could be.   I think the picks avoided the coast (except for Portland) because I wanted a college or university nearby.

  1. Emily says:

    Portland has a university!

    You should move to Salem, Corvallis, or Eugene 😉 We need more local Cardi people!

  2. MyEye says:

    I meant that Portland is on/near the coast while the others are inland. I’ve actually been looking at Newport! It’s a little small, but is interesting and is not too far from Salem — Willamette College has a law school so perhaps I could teach a couple of classes.

  3. We took that test! It’s one of the reasons we ended up in San Diego …

  4. Jeri says:

    I’ll second the opinion that Loo’siana is way to hot, humid, and just…no. Dave has a lot of extended family in Baton Rouge. You know it’s bad when the people from Alabama talk about how they’d never live there because of the humidity and heat. LOL

    I suspect that my list would look scarily similar. In fact, I may refuse to take the test, lest it tell me what is as plain as the nose on my face…

  5. Emily says:

    Newport is awesome. If not for school, we would have moved out that way already… dang school 😉 I think if we’d skip winter terms, it wouldn’t be so bad, but not worth it at this point 😉

    Actually a little town called Alsea, is a favorite place of ours. Tucked away on a little used coastal route (Hwy 32), it’s so charming. I have a thing for small, charming towns. Dea is a little social slut though, so I think she’d like to stay closer to some action!