Down South at the Dog Shows

October 4, 2008

Chase is in Alamogordo with Fran for the “Chili Bowl Cluster”.  There are practically no Cardigans there.  Sherri had entered some dogs, but her entries did not get in for all four days so she went to the Humble TX shows instead.  There are two class dogs — one of each sex — and one special, which would be Chase.  He’s been awarded Best of Breed the first two days, but hasn’t placed in the Herding Group.  It’s good for him to go to the “local-ish” shows so he remembers how to stand still and look cute, but our focus now is on tracking, obedience, and agility.

Kip and Inca are delighted not to deal with the little rascal, but the house seems very sedate.  He’ll be home Monday night and everything will ramp up again.  I do miss him!

  1. Ariel (Digits) says:

    Its like when Emma goes to visit her grandparents overnight… So quiet I can’t sleep! I enjoy the respite but OH how I miss her!