How Could This Happen?

October 23, 2008

This weekend my high school class is celebrating its 45th reunion — the Class of ’63 turns 63 —  We have a cocktail party, a dinner-dance, and a breakfast, on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning.  This weekend my dog training club is hosting a Variable Surface Tracking Seminar (on Saturday and Sunday).  I’m sort of involved in both events.  For the Tracking Seminar, we were granted use of The University of New Mexico’s main campus — tres kewl!

An hour or so ago, I received an invitation to hear Barack Obama speak at Johnson Field, on the main UNM campus at 7:00 PM on Saturday evening.  I would think that the faithful will stream onto the campus from early Saturday morning to put down blankets or to set up lawn chairs in a comfy spot on Johnson Field.  I would also think that they will be using every parking spot within a three mile radius of the campus.

When stars collide they seem to do it on my watch.  So faithful readers, how are we going to hold a dog tracking seminar on main campus at the same time thousands are treking around to see our next President?  How do I avoid the reunion dinner to hear our next President speak?  I think I’m catching strep — cough, cough . . .

  1. Jean from NM says:

    If anyone can find a way to make this all work, it’ll be you, Penni. I’ll stay tuned for the exciting developments. You go, girl!


  2. Well, you only have two years on me… And yes, I often wonder how this happened…