The Rush to Ordinary

October 3, 2008

The morning after — a Vice Presidential Candidate debate.  The woman running for vice president “performed better than she has in the past” says the local newspaper.  Comments from the analysts extoll her down-to-earth attitude, her “Joe Six-Pack” persona, her soccermom presence.  Those attributes endear her to ordinary Americans because they feel she is one of them.

My great question on this morning after is:  if you are an ordinary American, a soccermom, a Joe Six-Pack kinda guy, are you prepared to serve as President of the United States?  If you are not prepared to take on that job, then why are you pushing this ordinary woman on the country — especially when we face enormous economic challenges and are dealing with countries that have or are seeking nuclear capability?  By the way, there is no word in my Webster’s Dictionary beginning with the letters “nucu . . .”  Or is the mispronunciation of the word “nuclear” somehow adorable?

Come on, America.  You’re scaring me!

  1. Traci says:

    Amen Penni. I was yelling at her on my TV last night… saying the same things over and over, not answering questions posed to her… her WINKING? give me a break. Quit playing cute and innocent. Drives me crazy living in a Republican state! *sigh*

  2. C-Myste says:

    As was posted elsewhere she “out-Feyed Tina Fey”. She was a caricature of herself. The wink made me want to throw up.

    She should have stayed being a sportscaster.

  3. I’d rather have Tina Fey as vice-president …

  4. Ariel (Digits) says:

    Ya, is Tina Fey someone I can vote for?
    Way to flirt with America, Palin…
    I’m not saying either one of them said anything worth listening to, but for the sake of ALL that is holy, Shouldn’t we hope for someone more than a woman who the best that anyone can say of her is “she didn’t embarrass us”?