Turning Our Attention to Other Endeavors

October 12, 2008

This weekend, Chase was entered in Best of Breed at the Los Lunas shows.  Today was his turn.  Under sunny skies, he won Best of Breed and was pulled out in the Herding Group — for a couple of minutes there, I actually thought the Judge was going to place him.  One of the spectators (both days) is a Cardigan/Working Group judge from South Africa.  He was most complimentary about Chase.  He liked his type, topline, and side gait.  That was a nice bonus.  Among the Group spectators was “Jean from NM” who often posts comments on this blog and on C-Myste.  She brought her daughter and niece to cheer for the Chase-puppy.  He and I were both so glad to see them.

It’s been exactly five months since Chase earned his first points at the Rio Grande Kennel Club (Mothers’ Day weekend).  He finished his championship in August and has been entered in a few shows since then.  He’ll be a year old on Friday.  He’s going to be retired from conformation (at least temporarily) and allowed to grow up.  We plan to participate in some fun activities like tracking and agility.  It’s also time for him to undergo all his health screenings.

I had hoped to have a short video to post — of him gaiting, but I have clearly not mastered the art of using my new video camera.  Today I learned you cannot clap your hands while taking pictures and you cannot shoot from the side of the ring where all the Group dogs are lined up.  Okay — I’ll practice and next time we go to a show, I’ll have a video clip to share.

  1. coopercreek says:

    Congratulations on BOB and the pull in group. How exciting!

  2. Emily says:

    WOO HOO!! Chase rocking the south! Such a good puppy 🙂