You May Stop Calling Now

October 21, 2008

Today, after I left the office, I drove by one of the early voting locations.  One open parking spot beckoned me.  I pulled in and went to stand in line.  It probably took an hour to get to “here’s your ballot, ma’am”.  It’s long — legal sized paper, two-sided.  I sat in a little booth, put on reading glasses, took a deep breath, and proudly, hopefully marked “Obama/Biden”.  Then I began to work my way down the list, and to the back.  I’d done it.  I’d made my statement on America.  I’ve never voted with a fuller heart.

On the way out, I fed my ballot into the tallying machine and picked up a sticker that said “I voted”.  As soon as I got home, I placed the sticker right above my doorbell.

  1. Emily says:

    “As soon as I got home, I placed the sticker right above my doorbell.”

    *giggle* Too bad we don’t get those here! I need to call about my ballot (We do mail voting here), as they SHOULD be here. I’m getting worried!

  2. I just wish they would stop calling my cell phone with recorded messages about their stupid ballot initiatives …

  3. Jean from NM says:

    Penni — may I use this to post a message to Dennis? Dennis, call whomever it is that’s bugging you and ask that your name be removed from their list. Then call your local county clerk and ask that your phone number be removed from the public records. That’s where they get it. It won’t help you this time around, but maybe next time?

    Thanks, Penni.