November, 2008

  1. Think This Will Be Humiliating?

    November 30, 2008 by MyEye

    I love my puppy and my puppy loves me.  My puppy does not want anyone else to love me or to distract me from his wants and needs.  So when he is picqued, Chase lifts his leg at the corners of my bed.  He’s confined in the kitchen/laundry room/half bath/dog-door-to-yard when I’m not home.  When I am home, the dogs are loose with me.  Yesterday my granddaughter was visiting, so, sometime during the afternoon, Chase sneaked upstairs and marked the floor at the end of my bed.  That’s it!  He gets to wear a belly band as if he was a Min Pin, or another of the breeds that has no house manners.
    Of course, I looked on line.  Best price for his size is $28, plus shipping for four solid colored cumberbunds.  Whoa, too much!  . . . like I need another project . . .

    What’d you do to me?

    I called my DIL and asked for return of my sewing machine.

    Then I went to buy fabric and velcro and maxi-pads.  I stopped first at a Dollar Store.  They had kids’ camouflage fleece scarves for $1.00.  Although I am pretty annoyed with Chase, I refrained from buying him pink scarves.  I got two blue and two tan.  At the fabric store I bought iron-on velcro.  I think I’m going to put a few holding stitches in the velcro, but I’ve avoided a major sewing job.


    Now, when Chase is in the bedroom at night, this is how he’ll look — and the carpet at the foot of my bed will be saved.


    He says, “I won’t wear this outside.”

  2. It Hasn’t Been Fair Lately

    November 29, 2008 by MyEye

    I have three great Cardis, but all you’ve seen or heard about lately is Chase — HIS shows, HIS health tests, HIS training (or lack thereof).  So here are the very lovely Inca and our handsome Kip in the Bosque.  Thad Blackwell took all the Bosque photos.  You might note that, unlike the bratty Chase, they know what “Sit. Stay.” means.


  3. Shopping on Black Friday

    November 28, 2008 by MyEye

    I swore I would not do it.  I swore I would not be elbowed and pushed and stand in line for an eternity.  Yesterday I swore all these things.  But, you know, yesterday’s newspaper had some really good advertisements for really good Christmas presents.  We’re only doing stocking stuffers for all us adults.  As far as I’m concerned that means gift cards for my sons and brother (Starbucks and Home Depot), but for my DILs and my SIL, I need to find cool stuff.  There was a Smarter Image key chain with a digital photo frame.  It holds 60 photos and is rechargeable.  They all carry around photos of kids and dogs.  The price was very cool.  . . . and some of those squishy stay-at-home socks.

    I have to buy for my granddaughter and for my niece.  I’ve been informed that I should just get my niece gift cards because she’s 13 and all of us adults are too nerdy to buy really cool stuff for her.  I vote for that!  I did buy her two soft long sleeved T-Shirts so I had something in a box to which I could fasten the little dog that holds a gift card.  I love shopping for Adrienne.  She needs nothing, but is still delighted with everything.  Being seven is cool.  So I found her a Hannah Montana jacket, and a couple of the long-sleeved soft T-shirts.  I’ll also get her a gift card to Learning is Fun.  It’s a teacher supply store in which she goes completely crazy.

    I thought some of the things I saw happen at the mall were pretty neat.  A young woman had collected a lot of presents.  While standing in line, she had apparently set her purse on the floor, and when the line moved, she moved, but without her purse.  Several moves later someone behind me said, “This is someone’s purse.”  I asked the group in front of me, “Did any of you lose your purse?”  One of the young women, frantic, said, “I left mine somewhere.”  Her purse was passed up the line to her.  She tearfully thanked everyone.

    An older woman was a couple people behind me in the checkout line.  She was shifting around, clearly uncomfortable.  She said, to no one in particular, “I really should have gone to the bathroom before I left the house.”  The woman behind her said, “Go on.  I’ll save your place.  Just leave your merchandise.”  I told her where the restrooms are in Penneys, and she left.  She was back in about twenty minutes (It was a really long line).  She returned to her place in line, thanking everyone for looking out for her.

    All the shoppers talked about where they had seen bargains and what had been mismarked, and, of course, how crazy they were to come to the store at 4:00 AM.  (I went at 8:00, but they were still there.)  They talked about what they thought the children would like.  Someone passed a percentage-off coupon to a shopper that would save a lot of money by using it.

    For the first time in many years, I felt as if there was a spirit of kindness in that line.  I felt renewed and — don’t repeat this — I was glad I’d gone shopping on Black Friday.

  4. Thankful

    November 27, 2008 by MyEye

    It’s Thanksgiving.

    Every day I’m thankful that I have two healthy sons.  (I’m also thankful they are employed and have their own homes).  I’m blessed with the loveliest of granddaughters who makes me smile by just saying “Gramma Penni”.  My Cardis are my little joys — no matter what bad things they think up, even though my yard is trashed, my carpet is no longer off-white (it’s more like off-off-white), and my car is always full of dog hair.  I’m grateful that I have my blogging friends and my in-person friends.  It helps widen my horizons and gives me people with whom to commiserate.

    BUT this Thanksgiving Day, I am so thankful that we have a new president.  He seems to be surrounding himself with the best and the brightest, he seems to have a loving, open family, he seems committed to improving the lot of us all.  Perhaps most importantly, he is leading us by example into an era in which we all care about one another, take pride in our country and in our countrymen/women, make sacrifices for the good of all, and enjoy each sunrise and each sunset for whatever it brings.

    I am thankful.

  5. Skywatch Friday 11-28-08

    November 26, 2008 by MyEye


    Wow!  I had to pull into a parking lot before these changed color


    But they did change color as I stood there


    And still vibrant they began to stretch across the western sky


    Meanwhile, the eastern sky had darkened and a flying saucer shaped cloud appeared above the trees. 

    This last shot was black when I downloaded it from the camera.  I used auto enhance in PhotoShop and — there was the cloud I’d been trying to shoot — along with some light spots previously invisible to this mere mortal.

    The skies are lovely around the world at

    I’m posting this early because it’s so lovely AND because I might forget tomorrow evening in the midst of the festivities.  I’ll link to Skywatch when I remember.