a November 26th, 2008

  1. Skywatch Friday 11-28-08

    November 26, 2008 by MyEye


    Wow!  I had to pull into a parking lot before these changed color


    But they did change color as I stood there


    And still vibrant they began to stretch across the western sky


    Meanwhile, the eastern sky had darkened and a flying saucer shaped cloud appeared above the trees. 

    This last shot was black when I downloaded it from the camera.  I used auto enhance in PhotoShop and — there was the cloud I’d been trying to shoot — along with some light spots previously invisible to this mere mortal.

    The skies are lovely around the world at www.skyley.blogspot.com

    I’m posting this early because it’s so lovely AND because I might forget tomorrow evening in the midst of the festivities.  I’ll link to Skywatch when I remember.

  2. Feeding Raw

    November 26, 2008 by MyEye

    I do not often blog about feeding raw food to the dogs because I’ve been feeding that way for several years.  I only think about it occasionally.  I think about it when I go to my vet for an annual health visit (I have to do that to maintain our Therapy Dog registration).  Inevitably, he looks at 6-1/2 year old Inca’s mouth and then looks back at her chart.  “How old is she?”  Her gleaming teeth, clean breath, sparkling eyes, wonderful red coat make her look half her age.  We then have our annual discussion on feeding raw.  That discussion always ends with him saying “I really can’t argue with success.”  You see, he has a lot of clients who feed raw.

    I thought about it today when I saw on Garrett Ramsay’s blog http://ramsayfarms.blogspot.com/ that he is coming over to the light.  I thought about it today when I saw the photo of turkey necks in bowls lined up on the counter in Carolyn’s blog http://C-Myste.blogspot.com   That made me look at Chase who is from Carolyn’s first raw fed litter.  She says she’ll never go back.  I know I’ll never go back.  All our dogs thank us for that.  Probably the most important thing to remember about feeding raw is that it’s more than just tossing the dog a meaty bone.  It’s maintaining balance with vegetables and dairy, and being sure the dogs are getting Omega, Vitamin C, fatty acids (I use Missing Link Plus to also get Glucosomine).  In the wild, our dogs’ foreparents ate berries, roots as well as whatever they could chase down.  They are not strangers to eating this way — we’re just strangers to feeding them like this.

    By the way, my vet has only one raw-feeding client who ever had a problem.  He’s a surgeon and he came down with Salmonella — now that’s ironic!  So, scrub the counter well, do not use a wooden cutting board, wash your hands before and after handling the raw meat.


    Good morning, Bright Eyes