Hard Time Doin’ Time

November 6, 2008

I am the dutiful handmaiden of the City.  So, promptly at 6:00 I was at the front desk of the multi-generational center to which I had been assigned to do Community Service.  The little receptionist seemed relieved that I would be working off a speeding ticket and was not a serial killer.  Unfortunately, no one had alerted “T” a/k/a “Tony the Maintenance Man” that I would be there to help him.  He had already finished all the vacuuming and dusting by the time I arrived.  He said there was a hip hop dance session if I wanted to help with that — so we both fell into chairs laughing hysterically.  (I’m not the Hip Hop type of woman, I guess.)

Well, at least it’s not far from the house . . . so I hit Sam’s Club on the way home after promising “T” that I would be there next Thursday at 6:00.  He’ll save some dusting for me, or I can help with the Hip Hop dance session.

  1. LOL … life on the chain gang doesn’t sound quite like I expected!