In the Mail Box

November 3, 2008

I mentioned that I’ve been running health clearances on Chase.  His Cardiac was good and he is N/N on the DM test.  About ten days ago, the vet that does all my radiology work shot preliminary hips and elbows for me.  We sent them to OFA with the little prayer that accompanies everything I send to OFA.  My visceral reaction is similar to that I suffer when I send anything to IRS.

With the early nightfall caused by returning to Mountain Standard Time I am dragging by 6:00 — so I almost did not check the Post Office Box this evening. I am, however, so happy that ultimately I did.  OFA sent Chase’s preliminary report back.  His hips are classified as good, elbows as normal, and — added bonus — his normal patella certificate was in a second OFA envelope.

We are closing in on a splendid array of really good reports.  We already know he is PRA cleared through his line.  I sent off blood for a Thyroid panel, DNA for a coat color check (hoping he does not carry the ee red gene), and the PennHip xrays, and am waiting on those reports.  That leaves only the CERF test.  I’m looking for a CERF clinic somewhere within shouting distance.

I now understand why the boy can leap tall buildings in a single bound — reports in today’s mail made me believe I might also be able.

  1. Dawn says:

    Congrats on the great reports so far! I remember waiting on the reports for Grace, I was a bit nervous. Chase is one handsome boy, and its awesome that his results are so good too!