I’ve Done My Time

November 18, 2008

With the stroke of  “T’s” pen, my community service is done — a satisfactory discharge.  There was a neighborhood meeting at the Multigenerational Center tonight — the neighborhood association is so large that a quorum requires the presence of 200 members.  So, I scrubbed down all the tables, then did the three women’s bathrooms again and helped T stock the men’s as well.

The Center is so cool that I paid my $13 annual membership fee.  They offer pastel classes — can I fit it in on Monday evenings?  Hmmm.  They have beginning Yoga.  Maybe, in keeping with our “take it off before Nationals” effort that would be a better use of an hour.  The Center is only five minutes from my house.  They have a workout room and weight training (yep, I need to train my weight to do something useful), and basketball and volleyball.  Little kids were learning karate tonight.  This is one neat place.

So, my stick-up-the-back decision to do community service rather than pay the patron $74 turns out to have been a stroke of genius.  I’ll probably even have some non-dog/non-lawyer friends before long.

  1. So it’s true that money can’t buy everything! 😉

  2. Sounds like a great place!

    I wish I had something like that, five minutes away!

    Walk over, do yoga, walk back….. I could do that. But not if it were dark out, less than 30F and 25 miles per hour wind, the way it will be tonight when I get off work…………….