Out of the Way!

November 13, 2008

Chase and I are taking Agility Prep class.  (He took the puppy agility class last spring before he was old enough to do anything else.)  We have one more class in this session.  He has boundless enthusiasm and finishes each run by throwing himself into the lap of the nearest human — that’s almost never me because I’m “back there” just cheering him on.

What I’ve learned:

I’ll never be able to keep up with him. 

I don’t know anyone who will be able to keep up with him. 

We’ll have to improvise.

So, we are working on vocabulary.  To play agility with this dog, I’ll stand in the middle of the course and call out obstacles.  If he understands what I’m asking, he’ll do it — he’ll do it with joy and full commitment.  This is one fun dog!