Okay — He’s Forgiven

December 16, 2008

This is a dog at which I cannot stay angry.  He’s so funny and tries so hard (which makes him very trying much of the time).  Today he’s the office dog.  We just retrieved the Cardigan Rescue posters and I hung one in the office.  Chase is sitting on his favorite chair in front of it.


  1. Ariel says:

    It’s SO hard to stay mad at them…

  2. Laura M. says:

    How can you stay mad at that cute face?

  3. He looks like he’s conducting job interviews.

    Chase: “So what makes you think you would be a good fit for Cardigan Welsh Corgi rescue?”
    Applicant: “Well, I’m a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, for starters …”

  4. linda says:

    Wow…the poster looks really cool all framed up. But the real thing in the chair is even cooler.