SkyWatch Friday December 26th

December 25, 2008



The Main Cloud Grouping

Wisps Reflecting the Glow

Christmas skies are waiting for you at

  1. They make a good tandem … clouds are all about lighting.

  2. Lovely beautiful New Mexico skies, as usual. Very nice photos.

    Tijeras, New Mexico

  3. Faery says:

    Wow beautiful,New Mexico skies, beautiful I love it

  4. fat says:

    The 1st photo is pretty amazing and beautiful.

  5. Yogi says:

    Very nice photographs. I miss the NM sky.

  6. Steffi says:

    Wow…great pictures!I love such sunsets!

  7. torsdag says:

    Good to see diffrent christmas-skys from all over the wordl. Thanks for sharing.
    Hallo from Germany

  8. Arija says:

    Not much cloud about, but what there is is really pretty.

  9. Wow on that first one. It sure looks like NM colors.

  10. Julia says:

    I love it when the sky looks like that. Trouble is in Iowa it doesn’t often enough. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo’s