Wandering Thoughts

December 16, 2008

I placed my second “damaged cell phone” claim within a year (really within three months), so once I get this new phone, I am uninsured.  I’ve whined below — so I’ll get over it, and be very, very careful where I set my phone down.

Moving on to breaking news: it’s really snowing.  Our fairly cute but not very accurate weather dude said we’d have a couple of inches that wouldn’t stick.  NOT!  It’s been snowing since I went to the office at 8:30 this morning, and it’s still snowing, and is expected to continue through tomorrow.  Then it will clear out tomorrow night and start again around noon on Wednesday, then snow off and on through the weekend.  If that’s correct (I would not make book on it), I’ll take the dogs to the park and let them make snow devils — cute little children make snow angels, but the Cardis, and especially phone-eater-Chase, make snow devils.

I spoke to the elementary school about the little girl I saw this morning and was told “that’s how she wanted to dress and it’s okay with her parents”.  Wow!  That seems closer to abuse and neglect than does the action/inaction in the abuse and neglect cases I occasionally handle.  Is there no one in that household that wants to make grown-up decisions?

Time to put on Chase’s man pants (we’re still doing that), and go to bed.  Maybe tomorrow will be a snow day.  I can remote into the office computer and do some work from home, but stay home and do some work in my home.  If I don’t take care of some things around here, I expect the County will condemn the place.

  1. C-Myste says:

    I kind of thought that was probably the case of the child dressed in shorts. I have heard the battles between my co-workers and their school-aged daughters about appropriate attire for cold weather. Apparently it is considered “cool” to wear shorts in all weather.

    And when we went to school back in the olden days we yearned to be able to wear long pants in the cold weather rather than skirts and dresses.

    Raise your hand if you now think that dress codes might have been a good idea. Hmmm, will humans become extinct due to a loss of common sense?

  2. Dress codes weren’t a good idea when it meant we had to wear those skirts rather than being able to wear pants…. I remember my knees not getting warm till third hour, when I got too old to wear snowpants…………..

    If lack of common sense would cause human extinction, I bet it would have happened a long time ago.

    People have always worn uncomfortable clothes (remembering some short skirts….) in service of fashion. It’s sad that such things are now affecting 8-yr-olds…….. If the kid really has warm clothes, and really chooses to wear shorts, and there isn’t a mental health issue………….

    Once they get past a certain age, you can make them wear something as they leave the house, but you can’t stop them from taking it off once they get two houses down………….

    My brother was never as cold as my mom thought he would be, and he lost a few jackets, taking them off on the way to elementary school because he was too hot.

    My mom finally decided to let him wear what he wanted…….

    One last thought — one of my colleague’s college-age sons wear tshirts (only) under their jackets in winter…… And — when my daughter got her “State Team” flip flops, after working to join that state team for three years, she wore them to school, snow or no snow (walking in from the car to the school)………….. 🙂 🙂