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December 7, 2008

Dennisthevizsladog at http://dennisthevizsla.wordpress.com/ wants to know what six things make us happy.  Kip, Inca and Chase have asked me to type their answers because their paws do not work on the keyboard.

1.  Tracking.  We love being out in the field early in the morning following our mom or Burt’s scent.  If we follow it really well, we find things and whenever we find something mom gives us a treat.  Inca says, “not so much”.

2.  Meals.  We get raw meat for breakfast and dinner.  Sometimes it’s ground meat with vegetables and vitamin-stuff, sometimes it’s chicken wings or necks, or lamb ribs, or duck necks.  It’s really good and is why we have so much energy and such warm coats.

3.  Sleeping in bed with mom.  We keep her warm and the bed is very soft.  It also prevents her from going anywhere in the middle of the night without us.

4.  Going to our training club.  Everybody there is nice to us.  We get hugs and tummy rubs, visit our other dog friends, play agility or rally or obedience.  At the business meetings we get dog biscuits.  Sometimes we play relay games.  We do not like Hallowe’en when mom puts clothes on us — that sucks!

5.  The park.  There is a park just a few blocks from our house.  We have to stay on leash even though we’re well-trained because a dippy City Councilor got a 70-page law passed.  Part of it says we must be on leash unless we are in the back yard.

6.  Adrienne.  She has something to do with our mom.  When she comes to our house, she pets us and sits with us and talks to us.  She smells good and she’s short — not as short as we are, but shorter than mom.  If we go to the park when she comes over, Inca is the one that walks with Adrienne.  It’s not fair to us boys.

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  1. Great list! Something tells me you and my wife would get along famously …

  2. Tony says:

    I will do mine soon & let you know