Who Would They Be?

December 25, 2008

It’s the latest blog tag game — Traci typed my name again.  I have to describe who my cardis would be if they were human.  (I am eternally grateful they are not human, but okay . . .)

Kip:  The Dogster site id’ed him as Will Smith.  Kip is a positive, loving, willing-to-try-anything guy.  He does not understand meanness in others.  His favorite hobbies are following me around, doing obedience and tracking, and playing with a large group of friends.  Eating has a higher priority than do any of his hobbies.  Chase annoys him, but he is comfortable with Inca.

Inca:  The Dink is Empress of the Known Universe.  She puts up with no crap from the boys — simply expects all to worship her.  Inca loves to try new dishes, as long as she is not expected to cook or to clean up.  Her favorite place is on the middle stair so that no one may pass without acknowledging her presence.  She loves Granddaughter Adrienne and would prefer to live with her.  Dogster said she is Oprah.

Chase:  What can I say?  If he weren’t co-owned, he might have become ground dogfood by now.  He is creative, sweet, but demanding. He is original and likes to present the unexpected.  He wants to be the king of the world, but suffers the oppression by Inca.  His favorite place to be is right under my feet.  He lives for dog shows and agility and tracking because someone is then paying attention to him.  He does not share well and blows off the demands by the other dogs that he back off.  If I could describe him with only one word, it would be “exuberant”.  Dogster assessed him as Simon Cowell.

Carolyn, if you’ve not been tagged, you’re it.  And Emily — you have so many critters that I’ll cut you some slack and let you pick just six to profile.

  1. C-Myste says:

    Oh, thanks a lot. Traci tagged me too.

    I’ll have to think on it a bit as each one is such a unique little individual.

  2. Emily says:

    The rats are pretty easy- since they have the rattery website ;0P