a January 1st, 2009

  1. The New Year’s Chore

    January 1, 2009 by MyEye

    Every year (unless I’m traveling) I take on a New Year’s Day chore.  It has to be big and nasty and I must have procrastinated for a long time.  Today I’m home and I took on my bedroom.  I rearranged all the furniture, flipped the mattress, washed the bedskirt and mattress pad.  I’m getting ready to sort through all the clothing.  I’ll separate summer from winter, keepers from donations.

    Like everything else I do around the house, this chore could not be completed without the help of my faithful Cardis.  Chase was a little offended that the bed was stripped and Kip wanted to go to the park.  Inca was snoozing on the stairs, trying her best to be in the way.


    Chase:  Where is the Down Comforter?



    Aren’t we done yet?

    Actually, guys, we’re almost finished.  Be patient for a while longer and we’ll go to the park.

    Note:  This second photo was taken with the old camera because the new camera was upstairs — and they were in the way.