Bad Dog Blues

January 5, 2009


Three Bad Dogs – Inca, Kip, and Chase

The dogs have been bad for the past few days.  Chase thinks he should be an only dog and does not want me to speak to Kip, much less pet him.  If I pet Kip, Chase takes my sleeve and pulls my hand away.  He herds Inca away from me.  Chase has jumped Kip (who is the most passive dog that ever was), and then gone to a crate and been totally ignored for a few hours.  I can’t leave them alone — though, since I’m the “trigger”, it might not be a problem.  I just don’t want to take a chance.  Today Kip went to the office with me.  When we got home and I released Chase and Inca from bondage (kitchen, laundryroom, half bath, and a dog door to the ample yard) the two of them started a frap.  Kip joined in and suddenly the BITCH and the BRAT turned on Kip.  I picked Chase up by his scruff — I’m very strong when I’m angry, but Inca kept up the attack.  I grabbed her by the scruff with my other hand and stood there with a 35 pound cardi dangling in one hand and a 25 pounder in the other, while I threatened them with painful deaths.  Since I also still ache from my wander in the woods, the entire episode was horrible.  Everyone settled down after dinner, and I sat on the couch with Kip perched on the back.  The other two were destroying toys.  I guess I fell asleep.  I awoke to see that Inca had found a cartoon containing a tube of Neutrogena hand cream, chewed through the carton, and removed the top from the tube.  There was hand cream all over — and cardboard.  Chase had shredded the receipt.  Where had I left that?  I was just so tired, and Chase at 14-1/2 months is still a puppy in respect to destruction, but a jealous lover when it comes to me.  There’s no good excuse for Inca who is nearly seven.

Thank doG we start classes this week and next.  Chase is repeating Agility Prep (which may occur many times in the future), and is starting Novice Obedience class — sorry Sherri — I can’t stand him any longer.  Inca’s Intermediate Agility class will be starting on the 18th (it really begins the 11th, but I’ll be at the TD test), her Advanced Novice Obedience class begins on January 24th.  Kip’s Open Drill and Beginning Utility will get going soon.  Perhaps when they are back to having chores, things around here will settle down and I’ll have a kinder and gentler household.  For now though, we have demarcation lines and the horrible head is ready to pounce on any miscreant dog.  If we can’t keep things together, I will have Cardi pelts available — I think they’d make lovely wall hangings.

  1. Inca is trying to show Chase that she’s still a hep cat, I think …

  2. Yikes! I hate when they fight.

    I am grateful that Wilbur-the-sorta-beaglish defers rather than offering up “You are not the boss of me!” retorts when Buzz gets snarky with him.

    I jump all over Buzz for it — *I* will be the boss of EVERYONE, thankyouverymuch — but he still takes it as his job to keep his thumb on Wilbur.

  3. C-Myste says:

    I got kind of behind in blog-reading the last couple of days.

    Molly is a baddog too. She bit Phoebe on the leg previously broken by the late lamented Joogers and Phoebe was limping for several days. On the plus side, now the Julie is gone Alice doesn’t seem to have the need to challenge anybody.

  4. Joan says:

    Those three are to cute to skin- I say give ’em to the circus and let the clowns deal with them. Happy New Year!