Cardigan Nationals

January 13, 2009

Well, the premium lists and schedule for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Nationals are posted on the National Club’s website  So I downloaded the entry for the Megan and prepared an AKC entry form for the Sweepstakes and Best of Breed Competition.  For those of you who are not Cardigan show people, the Megan is a “fun” match only for Champions.  The dogs are divided by color and by sex so there are ten classes, i.e., Black/White males, Black/White Females, Brindles, Reds, Sables, and Blues.  Then the winners of each of the ten individual classes come together for the judges to choose the best Cardigan, and the best Cardigan of the Opposite Sex.  Formal attire is required so it’s pretty cool.  Chase will be in the Brindle Dog class.  Last year, he was a day too young for the Puppy Sweepstakes so this year will be in the oldest Sweepstakes class.  Finally, he’s entered in Best of Breed.

The National competition is in Topeka, Kansas at the Expocentre.  There is also herding and tracking and rally and agility and obedience.  It’s a week of some of the best Cardigans in the world coming together for all the events in which Cardis have expertise.  The events begin on April 11th (herding), and run through the following Saturday’s Best of Breed competition.  There are great raffles to support the educational programs and health studies, seminars to help us all learn more about the breed we love, and lots of visiting with folks that you may see only at the Nationals.

We have our room reservation and Chase’s entries are mailed — so, the ball is rolling toward the Best Vacation!

  1. I’m so excited! This will only be my 2nd national, first was in Portland ’03 when Traum was just a year.

    I’m also excited as this national, it’s ALL me… no hubby to moan about how much he doesn’t like shows (When I had already told him he could stay home 😉