How to Hug a Baby

January 15, 2009

An email from my little brother.



First, You Find A Baby


Get it Lined Up


Make Sure It Fits




I Feel So Much Better Now

  1. Dee says:

    Very cute.

  2. I’ve seen this before and it cracks me up every time!

  3. It IS super cute, but it gives me the crazies every time I see it. The dog is NOT being affectionate; those are all extremely dominant behaviors and I’ve seen that exact series lead to the dog on top biting the face of the dog on the bottom. See the dog’s face in the bottom picture? The mouth is closed and the ears are up and forward; the skin around the eyes is stiff. All indications of tension and the willingness to take the behavior further. It’s the same expression they have when you’re baiting them with food or when another dog is interesting them. If I had ever seen one of my big dogs doing that to a baby or kid I would have hauled the dog off and had a serious conversation with him or her about going to see Jesus if they EVER touched the baby again.

    I love your blog and I feel like a jerk posting such a downer comment, because I know that on the face of it it’s an adorable picture and we all love it when dogs and babies get along. But it honestly scares me to death.

  4. floreta says:

    this is sooo cute. especially the last picture 🙂

  5. MyEye says:

    I think I should address Joanna’s comments. I have much smaller dogs than the dog shown in these photos. However, I would NEVER allow the domination demonstrated by the dog over the baby. The photos are really cute — which is why I posted them, BUT almost all dogs are prey driven and sudden or inexplicable (to the dog) movements by the baby can lead to disaster. Dogs are not baby-sitters — no matter that they are great companions.